The Barry Sullivan, Q.C. Memorial Bursary

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In memory of Barry Sullivan, and in honor of his great contribution to his profession, a Bursary Fund was established in 1990. It was intended that the fund provide an annual bursary in one or more of the three disciplines in which Barry Sullivan held a keen interest: law, education, and social work as it relates to the abuse of children and victims of crime.

Recipients will be selected from candidates who, in the opinion of the Society, have made significant contribution(s) to the advancement of their discipline, or who, through a combination of academic achievement, community involvement, dedication, and imagination in their studies, can be expected to do so in the future. Applicants should also display financial need as outlined in their annual budget.

One to three bursaries of $1,000.00 each will be awarded to students who meet the criteria. A director of the Society will contact successful applicants in the second week of January.


Barry Martin Sullivan, Q.C. (1940-1989), was a loving husband and dedicated father of four children. In his short professional life, Barry Sullivan accomplished many things. His skills as Counsel in the courtroom and teacher in criminal law classrooms were legendary. His endeavours were characterized by diligence, commitment, a sense of imagination, and a steadfast desire to make things better for kids. In addition to this, his contributions to our Province were many. Originating from his research and investigations on a high profile court case, Barry Sullivan wrote a report and recommendations on the tragic subject of Child Abuse that led to the development of an inter-ministry coordinated and sensitive approach to mitigating the occurrence of child abuse in public and private school classrooms. This work also led to Sullivan’s appointment as Commissioner on Education and the report A Legacy for Learners which will stand forever as a key step toward the improvement of education at all levels in British Columbia.

Read the Honourable Tony Brummet’s (Minister of Education) legislative address announcing the passing of Mr. Sullivan here: The Honourable Tony Brummet's legislative address


The Barry Sullivan Q.C. Memorial Bursary Fund Society’s Directors include members of Mr. Sullivan’s family as well as his former colleague and friend, Mr. W. T Oppal, Q.C. Individually, each of Mr. Sullivan’s family has pursued their passions and careers within the fields of education, social justice, mental health and academia. Currently, Mr. Oppal is serving as the Chancellor of Thompson Rivers University. Throughout his career, he has worked diligently to promote issues of social justice and community safety. He has gained admiration and respect within his formal role of Attorney General, as well as his work on the Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry.

Eligibility: The Barry Sullivan, Q.C. Memorial Bursary is available to anyone pursuing a degree in one of the three following disciplines: law, education, or social work.

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Should display financial need (fill in provided budget template and a list of financial awards received in the past two years).
  2. Be enrolled in an undergraduate or masters level degree granting post-secondary institution in British Columbia;
  3. Be enrolled full time (minimum 3 courses);
  4. Have completed their first year of studies (i.e. no first year applicants or PhD students please).
  5. Should demonstrate strong/high academic standing at the post-secondary level (attach transcripts; unofficial accepted).
  6. Should display some work experience (attach reference letter).
  7. Should be involved with volunteer work, community organizations, or in extra curricular activities outside of school (attach reference letter)

Each applicant must complete the application form provided and submit with it a maximum of two reference letters. The letters should be from an employer and from a society or group of peers for which the applicant volunteers. The reference letters should indicate how and why the applicant meets the eligibility criteria stated above. Reference letters should corroborate specific educational goals outlined in the application and must be current. The reference letters should be signed and sealed. In addition, applicants should include current academic transcripts (unofficial accepted), a yearly budget outlining financial need (using provided template), and provide a list of the financial awards received in the past two years.

Societies and professional peers are encouraged to initiate the process for applications where they believe an individual would be a deserving recipient.

Download Application Form

Applications should include:

  • Completed application form (including completed provided budget template)
  • Maximum two reference letters (signed and sealed)
  • Transcripts (unofficial accepted)
  • List of financial awards received in the past two years
  • Declaration signed (final page of Application Form)

The completed application form and supporting documents should be sent to:

Office of Directors
c/o Barry Sullivan, Q.C. Memorial Bursary Society
425 Donald Street
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 3Z9
At this time, we are unable to accept on-line applications.
Applicants will receive a letter of confirmation once ALL documents have been received.

Contact Email:

  • Do my transcripts have to be official?

    No. Unofficial is acceptable.

  • When are applications due?

    November 30th.

  • Can I submit my application before November 30th?


  • Are my references checked by the Bursary directors?

    Yes. Please ensure that your references are current and available.

  • I am not sure if my educational program fits into the bursary criteria. Can I contact a director to find out the answer?

    Yes. See Contact Information.

  • Can I include my own budget rather than the one provided?

    No, in order to ensure consistency between applications, please complete the budget provided.

  • Will non-successful applicants hear from the Directors?

    Yes. Both successful and non-successful applicants will receive a letter.

“The value of this bursary program is immense, and I will be forever grateful to the bursary fund society for its generous financial support last year”.

Tyler Gloux (previous winner, BSMB, 2012)